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Thread: High Latency/ Packet loss

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    Default High Latency/ Packet loss

    Just recently upgraded my computer, bought an Alienware MX14 sub model. I've had it for a few days and it runs the game silky smooth, but I've been noticing EXTREME latency spikes and packet losses up to 93% every few seconds. The game is barely playable. My drivers are all newly updated, my wireless card seems to function fine. The router has never given me reason to doubt it before. Other games and applications seem to run fine

    Pinging the game's suggested server for tests yielded the same result, but pinging Google.com, Youtube, etc etc is perfect, with sub 100 ms ping every time and not a single packet lost.

    My carrier is Baja broadband, and they seem pretty solid. I don't notice a substantial difference between playing alone on the network and having my roommate on his PS3 playing Call of Duty. It really does seem I'm just not getting any response from Rift's servers for seconds at a time. I hear that other people are having issues. Is this common?

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    Download WinMTR, run a trace to forums.riftgame.com - see where the problem hops kick in. "Loss %" is the column to keep an eye on before high latency hops in the Best, Avrg, Worst and Last columns. Hops that respond with "No Response from host" is normal (it will also return 100 in the "% Loss" field), as some internet routers do not respond to pings.

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