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Thread: Can't get my $99 patron subscription paid for over a week

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    Default Can't get my $99 patron subscription paid for over a week

    this is becoming almost humorous......... almost.

    I had to change my credit card numbers due to Home Depot being hacked and I could not delete my old card due to the "active account" being attached to it. However, i made the new card the default payment, but it did not work.
    That was the first subscription failure.

    I hung out on the LIVE CHAT option for a few hours, finally got through to a GM and she worked with me until I got a successful purchase of credits in the store and assured me all would be well when the next attempt for payment went through in 3 days.
    Nope it did not go through.
    Second failure.

    I replied to the support email that I checked for successful payment but it did not go through... and reminded them to check the card they are using because the closed card is still listed as "active account". I was told part of the problem is that my subscription of $99.00 is nonstandard and needs to be handled manually but the new card is there and all will be well in another 3 day cycle.
    3 days later..... THIRD FAILURE!

    I called my financial institution and they do have a record of all 3 failed attempts for payment.... on the CLOSED CARD.
    How many times do i have to tell the same story.....and ask the the same question?
    Why isn't my CURRENT CARD being used?
    Why is my patron subscription a big problem? I jumped through a hoop to get that $99 fee. sure it is only $20.... but it's MY $20.

    So, again, after receiving multiple emails that suggest perhaps I don't have sufficient funds, or I put in a wrong card number, or I have a bad gift card, and even one that says "it looks like my problem is resolved"; I am waiting for another 3 days for the next attempt for payment to go through.

    What are the chances that it will still be attempted on the OLD CLOSED CARD!

    I am frustrated.
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    Oh happy day!
    I got my phone alert that my subscription payment registered on my bank account!

    Thanks to GM Solashta,who understood my dilemma and actually fixed it.

    Why it took 9 days, a phone call, hours of wait for a help chat, and multiple emails to several GMs...i don't know. Hopefully I am set for a few years before I have to change my card again... Oh well. It should not be this hard.

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