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Thread: Invisible objects and missing textures

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    Default Invisible objects and missing textures

    There was some posts about similar problems, but it seems that there is no straight answer to such issues in forums.

    Video showing problem:

    The problem:
    • Many objects in game are transparent, they have no textures, but they are blocking movement.
    • Objects which doesn't belong to some place appear, those are passable. (happens sometimes) Wall in middle of Meridian
    • This problem is not dependent on game settings, it happens in both Ultra and Low settings.
    • This problem appeared some days ago, before there where no such issues. Can't remember is this related to Rift update or some other changes.
    • Repairing option from Glyph Launcher didn't fix problem.
    • Issues most of issues appear in Meridian and The Iron Tomb ( I don't know how about rest of world, didn't been there)
    • I've reset graphics driver settings to factory default.
    • No other games have similar problem.


    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Hey there,

    I would definitely call those graphic issues a problem, so let's see if we can clear them up!

    First things first: Disable your addons, and update your video drivers. That may not resolve the issue, but it should help some. Once you're done, try repairing your client again.

    If the issue persists, I would suggest a full reinstall using the steps below to try and get rid of any stuck corrupted files.
    1. In Windows XP click start and Add or Remove Programs. For Windows 7 it's Uninstall a program, located in your control panel.
    2. Find the game in the list of installed programs that comes up and click uninstall
    3. Once it is removed from here, go through your program files and make sure you have deleted any associated files or folders
    4. You can install the game again

    Let me know if you're still experiencing this issue after reinstalling, or better yet contact Support so they can gather some more information and investigate further.

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