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Thread: Purchased item not showing up

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    Default Purchased item not showing up

    My son had me give him money for something on rift.
    He thought he bought a greater earth elemental 3 and the money is gone but the pet never arrived.
    He said the money is gone and he heard the "kaching" sound of the money being spent.
    HighElfGuy is his character name.

    Please help.

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    Unless I'm mistaken, that's an ability that comes when hitting a certain level and cannot be purchased.

    Also, how did he pay for it? You need credits to buy most things in Rift and there would be a history of purchases if you log in to your account on riftgame.com

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    OP is talking about the pet skin you can buy in the store I suppose.

    Although I didn't purchase any of those yet, the description says that it will be automatically applied to all characters on your account, i.e. you'll never have it as an item in your inventory.

    To use it, you need to summon your greater earth elemental, open the character window, go to the pet tab, and on the bottom you should see the third skin now unlocked, so you can make your pet look like this.
    You need to play a Mage specced in Elementalist for this, of course.

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