Please unflag my 10 accounts from this error 2003 stuff going around. I'm a legit multiboxer (RIFT only).

If anyone from trion is reading this these are the support ticket reference numbers I need looked into...

[Incident: 141009-001038]
[Incident: 141009-001198]
[Incident: 141009-001197]
[Incident: 141009-001199]
[Incident: 141009-001200]
[Incident: 141009-001201]
[Incident: 141009-001202]
[Incident: 141009-001203]
[Incident: 141009-001205]
[Incident: 141009-001206]

ALSO, while you're looking at these accounts will you please add my loyalty points from having retail boxed cdkeys associated with each account. These cdkeys were added to the accounts long ago (before the f2p conversion), and I never got any loyalty from it, and from my understanding you're supposed to receive a bit from a retail rift+storm legion cdkey.

I never made a fuss about it because it wasn't really a big deal to me, but now it is because it seems to be partially why I'm getting flagged for stuff like this (my 2 higher loyalty accounts didn't get flagged and nothing else is different between the two). I need this corrected for the future so my accounts aren't triggering these new checks and balances that have been added in. Filling out 10 appeals is an inconvenience for both sides.

Thank you.