Okay first off I downloaded it on steam and make an account and such then I downloaded the patches and I hit play then it worked but then I exited it and went to play another game even though I haven't made a character and played the game at all yet. I think have a problem with the client or something because I hit play after coming back from the other game and it came up then went back to the desktop with rift at the bottom and I clicked on it but it didn't come up at all, and I brought up the task manager and it said that it wasn't responding. I got a black screen and exits to the desktop not letting go back like I said before. Then I uninstalled it and installed it again and downloaded the patches again and then hit play and same deal just doesn't want to even start up the game even though I successfully started it and got to the shard part once and then exited it out because I didn't want to play it at the moment. So if anyone can help me with this issue I'd be greatly thankful.