Live chat has been .... frustrating at best. First I was hit with the "you haven't bought anything from us in the past month so shell up to talk to us quickly". Fine, we all got to eat and pay the bills. After buying credits (which I needed to do anyway so no big deal) it took many hours for the system to realize I had bought something to let me in to live chat.

Fine. I get into live chat and I am number 13 in queue. Not bad right ... especially when I see "The average amount of time a customer has to wait is (ranged from ~13 mins to 25 mins)." And nearly two and a half or more hours later I make it to number 2 in queue ... and then drop to 3rd again. Make it to 2, to drop to 3rd again... another chunk of time finally make it 1 in queue ... to ... yup you guessed it drop to 2 again (yes, this cycle repeated a few times as well, aaaaand still holding)!!!

What the heck is going on?