-> game is lagging so hard that the melee Rogue souls are nigh unplayable. Sadly, they are one of my favourites(bladedancer especially). Would you believe that the lag is actually eating skills? I press the button, the mob hits me, but I don't hit it. I dread of playing instances/PvP tbh.

-> today I got disconnected from the game in the middle of fight! Glyph insisted that I exit the game and re-verify. It told some rubbish about how the IP address changed. I tried to defeat enemies, but the Glyph just kicked me out! Like wtf!

-> besides these things, I have no other problems with Rift. These things started happening around 28th September and, I suspect that, they are connected to open beta of nt. If so, I can't play Rift for a whole month! By the time the nt rush cools down, I'll have been long gone(mostly back to swtor). This is not acceptable!

Server: Zaviel(it is kinda dead, wth is it lagging lol?)