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Thread: Missing Daily Gifts are getting more frequent

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    Default Missing Daily Gifts are getting more frequent

    Since the concept was introduced, once in a while, one of my accounts would randomly fail to get a Daily Gift in at least one one region. Occasionally the daily gift will suddenly appear later on in the day - sometimes worryingly close to the reset time so if I wasn't quick I'd lose out completely - but not always. Still, stuff happens so up until now it's not really a big issue and I tended to let it slide.

    However in the last few weeks this has hapenned to me several times and today it got ridiculous. I didn't even log in AT ALL yesterday on ANY of my accounts and I log in today and I have no daily gifts. (Everything else is fine, money etc so I rather doubt someone's hijacked my accounts just to steal the gift). Yeah it's only an artifact + a bit of currency or loyalty or a pot so it's not exactly the end of the world but right now with the servers dead it's quite offputting to have one of the few incentives to log in randomly missing. This is especially irritating when its my Patron account that's missing it.

    This can happen to both my patron and non-patron accounts by the way, it's not limited to one in particular.
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    I find this interesting. I swear I didn't get my daily (patron) login gift this past Friday (5Oct14), but figured I must have been mistaken. Now I'm not so sure that I wasn't right all along.

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