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Thread: cant access my account

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    Default cant access my account

    Hi so iv got my account name and password all good i click log in i log in and then it ask me for the 1st time to authenticate my account "Ok i have not played for a while" so may be its a new thing so i go to the email address that was used for the account and just my bloody luck that email address was deactivated "LIKE WTF" so i call mircosoft and yes it has been cause i had not log into that email address for over 1 year so now i cant authenticate my account i did put a email to trion support but have not heard a word from them all i wanna do is change my accounts email address so i can bloody authenticate it add a bloody mobile authenticater aswell but i cant access anything from my trion account even those i know my account name and passwords i have S-Key used when i got the game i have all these can anyone here help me change my email address so i can play rift again please or have trion read my emails i sent them and respond......

    Thank You

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    Default 4 day's and no reply

    Hi guys its been 4 days now and i havnt got a reply on here or in game or by email are there any GMs around any more? can i please get some help.

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