I have a friend, she running a All in One PC, a ET2702IGTH with AMDŽ Radeon HD8890A 2GB with windows 8, She was fine in the newbie starting zone 1-6 no problem at all.

When we hit the first area after we left the newbie zone in silverwood right around the first porticulum and pass that, drivers keep crashing, over and over, then rift crashed again, until her pc just shut down on her, just try to run rift even on very low quality renderer.

But we did upgrade the drivers just make things worst it seems, I was thinking if it was the drivers then we went off testing guild wars 2 or D3 no problem of driver crashing just run fine for hours on end.

Is there way around this?

more of the pc info here http://www.asus.com/ca-en/AllinOne_P...pecifications/