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    Default Change Email Issue

    So I'm posting this from a friends account with his permission of course.

    I want to come back to the game and my characters so badly, but I no longer have access to my email account connected to my old account any longer. I had to get rid of the email account for personal reasons. I tried changing my email attached to it but I can't. I've tried logging in with my old email and password but I would need an authentication code sent to my inaccessible email account. I've submitted tickets regarding this issue but nobody has gotten back to me through the new email I supplied in the ticket and I cant log in to the technical support website to check on the ticket due to the same authentication code issue. I've been waiting weeks to try to resolve this issue and I'm tired of waiting. Please, PLEASE somebody get back to me on this Issue. Let me know if you need any information from me and I'll be sure to provide it.

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    Ask your friend to fill out the account recovery form, or send an email to support@trionworlds.com.

    We will get him fixed up as soon as possible.


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