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Thread: New Security Policy

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    Default New Security Policy

    New Security Policy
    For your protection, we have upgraded our account security requirements and now require you to re-enter a new password and choose new secret questions and answers.
    We have sent a new message to the email address associated with your account. Please respond to this message from Trion Worlds Support (noreply@trionworlds.com) to continue with this quick process.
    We take account security seriously. Taking a few minutes to make these changes will greatly increase the strength of your login credentials and help enhance the future safety of your account.
    The link inside the message will expire in 15 minutes. Please check your email now.
    You may try again if the link has expired by logging in and repeating this process.
    If i try to:
    * Submit ticket
    * Modify setting
    * Open store
    * Do anything what so ever

    I get redirected to this lovely page.

    What i did:
    Since i hadnt played in a while i had to go through password reset, i got a link and mannaged to reset my password. So far so good

    Next Glyph ask me for some sort of code 6 didgit that was sent in a mail, i logged on to mail and i found a code XXX-XXX copy and pasted it into the box
    Under that input box there was a check mark saying something like: If you are in a thrusted location please tick.
    So i ticked it.then i pressed submit

    Then i was suddenly able to download Rift or Archeage. I decided to download Archeage, and about 30minutes later i got that message you see up top.

    I have received no e-mail, no nothing and im at a complete loss.


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    Still need assistance

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