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Thread: Dear Trion I cant log on to Glyph via Authaction box

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    Default Dear Trion I cant log on to Glyph via Authaction box

    Dear Trion... I can no longer contact help center or my account page via GLYPH !!! I am tired of this and also getting locked out game 2016 DONT IIP block me ...... DUDES I just spent 167 dollars on that new up grade not to mention 150 prior and 100 this week stop blocking us after purchase THIS stupid I am in the black tier and demand answers!!! ps I sent tickets and they re-looping old one's this dumb........... I cant even find a emote the shows how I feel gesh guys get to work on this .. can't think I would spend money on any your new games if don't fix these problems .. finds emote pulling hair out lolz.....

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    Are you a patron? If so, try to use the online support/chat to get in touch with customer service.

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