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    Default Authentication code arrives; but only after several hours

    Returning player, trying to log into my account now that the game has switched over to Glyph. I use hotmail, not gmail, so no promotional tab shenanigans. I have received authenticator e-mails, however there was a delay of hours before I received them. In fact, I was not even home when I did, checking the e-mails on my phone, which did me no good. I cannot log into the Glyph website, nor the Glyph launcher. I've e-mailed customer support and was given an automated reply saying it would be "96-120" hours before I received a response. Unsure what else to do.
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    I do apologize for the customer service wait times, but we are making good progress. If you have already requested one of these codes, it should arrive shortly, so please bear with us.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    I never get an email the first time.... I always just hit "Resend Code" and it comes immediately at that point.
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