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Thread: Hacked or Glyph issue?

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    Default Hacked or Glyph issue?

    I bought Rift when it first came out and Defiance.. I logged into Glyph since now its makes you, and I do not see any of my games...

    Is there something I need to do, reapply codes

    Or is my account screwed up, or hacked??

    Thanks for any info.


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    I ran into this same issue.

    I started playing back when the game was in Alpha. When it was finally officially released, I couldn't log in to my old account, and was forced to create a new account. So I ended up with two accounts. When I quit for a while and started playing RIFT again, I accidentally logged into the Alpha account and saw I had no upgrades to rift.

    Check and make sure you're logged in with the correct account.

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