Brand new computer and installed RIFT. On my old system errorhandler would load up on start up. The game would not run right until you ended this process. No matter what I did, install-reinstall, patch, etc, I could never get rid of this error.

Fast forward to today, brand new computer. New operating system Win8, new motherboard, processor etc and installed rift and imagine my shock to see the same Errorhandler surface again, this time with a twist. Glypherrorhandler is loaded too. I am at lost really. Are these applications suppose to be running ?

I have great FPS now. 70-90 on average, but a new problem has surface. Constant disconnects. I have solid internet connection and no problem with any other application except RIFT. Its not even reflected in latency measure, but I get disconnected every 30 minutes.

I am really disappointed in RIFT's performance. This is the single biggest turn off for me, and why I can't get anyone to play this game. For sure, I am certain some people can run it just fine, but far too many have problems, and its not their system they are running, the problem is with the game. Its a shame really.