hey guys, im sure things like this has been asked a million times, but cant see much i can extrapolate from.

basically im not sure if its the game or not, but i have 2 main issues.

1 the land/plants/grass seem to re render around me sometimes every 5 seconds sometimes a few hours. no rhyme or reason to it it seems.

2 pop up scenery, i can see miles no problem but then a tree i couldnt see suddenly appears out of no where or the fountain in the middle of sanctum.

i have a new alienware 17, i can run rift on full custom settings pretty smoothly around 30fps and obviously on ultra, so i have full distance and such

i figures maybe despite my framerate being comfortable it was too high, so i put graphics down to medium and the re rendering still happened and obviously the distance was pants on low so i couldnt tell.

i have had a few other issues but i think that may be PC related such as the brightness seems to change in game whilst on battery, but not whilst on my desktop.

hope you can help
thanks for any assistance