I'm a long term beta and up to Storm Legion player who is trying to return after a long hiatus due to work. I wanted to give Rift a try on the F2P model but as it turns out I don't have access to my old authenticator anymore since I upgraded my phone about a year and a half ago. I've submitted an incident report [Incident: 140911-001276] but I'm a bit concerned seeing people posting that support wait times have been between 7-upwards of thirty days for them.

I tried searching the knowledgebase for a way to remove my authenticator but the only article listing anything is 3 years old and apparently outdated because there is definitely not a "I no longer have access to my authenticator" button anywhere I look when trying to log in.

I was really hoping to get in and play this weekend a bit, I paid for more than 2 years of subs in the past so I was upset when I couldn't use live chat. Being the type of person I am and not minding supporting a game I enjoy, I decided to make a new account (this one) and spend $5 in hopes of getting on the live chat to resolve this issue quickly.

Unfortunately, it appears the live chat isn't even available anyway so I kinda just tossed money out to your company without the result I was aiming for. If anyone can help me remove my authenticator I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm not angry or anything, I'd just like to see if I can get this resolved as soon as possible.