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Thread: Stuck in higher level areas.

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    Default Stuck in higher level areas.

    Sadly, I am truly surprised by the game's horrible terrain, referring to mountain ridges here. As an MMO, the game should allow players to travel easily by foot, without players getting confused and trying to scale mountains. This is the second character I have gotten to 20+, and each time I go from Freemarch to Stonefield, I attempt to traverse across a mountain range. I am not sure whether the terrain is set to have mountainous borders to:
    1) To stop low leveled players taking shortcuts into higher leveled regions and boosting with a friend,
    2) To stop players easily getting from point A to B without following paths,
    3) Because the game will be more "realistic" or in some way look better by showing players that a crude graphical engine can render colorless mountains ages away.

    In all honesty, the game is very simple and fun. I thoroughly enjoy playing it, but these flaws in the game just irritate me. If the mountains were crossable, I would not be stuck in higher leveled regions, trapped between uncrossable mountains and god knows how highly leveled monsters. Is there a way for moderators to just warp me to a location like Freemarch where I have finished most of the quests, or do I need someone in my low-leveled guild to escort me to my destination?

    Thanks for reading, I hope this can be resolved and a further explanation is provided to noobs like me who cannot be bothered to use the teleporting system.

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    Rift is mostly an open World game meaning if you see something off in the distance, chances are you can get to it, you can get into most zones by not following the roads and paths and just climbing over mountains or out of the way routes.

    In face you're encouraged to do some mountain climbing as every zone has a pile of rocks called a 'Cairn' at the highest points which when looted for the first time will give you a bag which can contain an epic piece of gear for you, so keep climbing

    You will also find artifacts (sparkling shinies) up on obscure, hidden areas, find zone puzzles, achievements for finding the highest spots so the point is to make you explore, of course you could stay on the roads and take the boring ways into a new zone, here's how the "borders" usually show on a map between two zones, the 'safe' crossing points.


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    Use Soul Recall in your Abilities. There's an obvious path from Freemarch to Stonefield near the border with Silverwood. PICNIC

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    There's a couple of ways to get from Meridian into Stonefield - one on each side of the mountains outside the city (that would be appx east and west of Meridian). The one on the west really doesn't even require any "creative jumping"; the other one does (IIRC - since I found the west one, I don't use the other any more).

    I spend a LOT of time in game climbing mountains. For me, it's fun - especially since if you hit a real "wall" and fall, you won't die.
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    OK, thanks for the replies, and for the info aswell. Ill have a bash at getting back on the paths, but I just installed linux and formatted my windows while doing so...
    But as stated earlier, thanks for the replies and i will obviously set some soul recall points next time... Another facepalm.

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    Default I'm stuck in Moonshade Highlands, way above my level of currently 13

    I just want to get out of here. What can I do?

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    Default To port from one place to another (Or out of Moonshade Highlands):

    There are quite a few things you can do to get out of Moonshade Highlands, or really to port from any place to any other place. As mentioned above, everyone receives Soul Recall as a skill (can see it when you open P and browse through your skills) which is a free once-per-hour teleport to wherever you have set it. If you have not set a recall point, the default is usually your main town (Silverwood for Guardians or Freemarch for Defiants) unless you are a very low level, in which case it defaults back to where you entered the main game after completing the tutorial section.

    If for some reason you can't access your Recall or it is on cooldown you can:

    1) ask nicely in chat for someone to use a free friend port or free group port to send you wherever you want to go,
    2) if you are in a guild, get anyone in guild to drop a guild banner at the location you want and then click a guild-rally scroll to get there (can buy rally scrolls for a few coins in the RIFT store),
    3) queue for a dungeon since it will automatically port you into the dungeon and then you can use the dungeon portal to exit into that area,
    4) if you are high enough to have planar attunement points placed into the zone portals, use one of those to instantly travel to whatever ones you put points in (also accessible through hitting P),
    5) join any IA (lv 10-70) and have it port you to a new location, then drop group and click "no" when it offers to port you back where you came from.
    6) If you have patron, use your Patron Fast Pass (1-hour CD) to port you anywhere that you have unlocked a porticulum. You can also use your Brevanic Portal (if you have one), the main town quest-line port trinket, instant-click rewards from quests (like the one for Zeraph's Return), or the portal available from the shop (also 1-hour CD but it's a permanent item).
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