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    Default RIFT freezing sometimes locks up the whole computer.

    Hi, so I've been playing RIFT since February with no real issues, but the past two weeks it has been freezing up primarily in dungeons and war fronts. Usually it locks up my entire system and I have to do a hard restart, other times just RIFT freezes and ALT + F4 to close it. Been noticing I've been disconnecting a lot more frequently which was a rare occurrence until a few weeks ago.

    Nothing has changed as far as my computer or network. I've decreased my graphics settings, changed from full screen windowed mode to just full screen, updated my video driver, and ran a repair on RIFT and the issue still persists. Specs on my computer:

    AMD 1090T
    ATI HD 5870
    Windows XP 64
    16GB DDR3-1600
    NetGear WNA1100

    I don't have any add-on's except Rift Meter which I added like two days ago, well after these issues started happening.

    EDIT: Also, load screens are taking forever. Used to be pretty quick and now it will sit on 95% for a minute or two, sometimes it never loads and just disconnects. My network and internet connection are fine. It is getting to the point I don't even want to login.
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    Hey there!

    I am sorry to hear about these disconnects, but I'll do all I can to help. Just so we can get the process started, if you get a chance, submit a ticket explaining your issue and attach network test results to that ticket so our support site can follow up with you, in case my steps don't get you fixed up.

    Just in case there is something running in the background that may be using up bandwidth, try temporarily disabling background tasks.

    While the computer is restarting, power-cycle your modem/router for me.

    Finally, once you get signed back in, adjust your DNS settings to see if we can maximize your connection to our shards.

    Thanks very much!

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