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    Default -=[ BUG - RIFT STORE ]=- Crafting Section

    Hello, I want to report a bug. The crafting section of the Rift Store is not working as it should.

    When you go to the Store and you go to the Crafting section of it, click REAGENTS and you will be inside its items area.

    When you are there, clicking the Check/Uncheck button does not do anything.

    It was supposed to only show items according to the checked or unchecked options.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the report!

    I went in game to test this myself so I could pass it along to the team, but it looks like things are working normally there. By removing all the check marks the Reagent window became empty. As I checked items again, they would pop back in, and would disappear when I removed the check.

    Next time you launch the RIFT patcher and sign in, click the button Recover to repair your game client. Perhaps some game data has become corrupted causing this functionality to misbehave.

    If you use any addons, go ahead and disable those before restarting the game to see if they are interfering.


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