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Thread: Cannot log in as one character

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    Default Cannot log in as one character


    I`m experiencing very similar problem to this one: http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...character.html
    Tl;dr: I got crash 2 days ago while playing warfront. Since then i can not log in as this character - all other alts works just fine. I made ticket yesterday but no response since then - would be nice if it will not take week or even 3 months like with this guys in last thread.


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    That guy didn't wait three months, he waited 9 days over the holiday period. GM's usually respond in 3 to 5 working days at the moment.

    If you have tried the advice in that thread and still can't log your character in, try going to the folder where your rift.cfg file is (I forget where exactly and I'm not at home to check) and moving that file somewhere else then loading the game, if that still doesn't work try using the recover option in the launcher to check if any files are corrupt and need to be repaired.

    If none of the above works then you will have to wait for the ticket to be dealt with.

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