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Thread: New Nvidia DirectX Optimized Driver tomorrow

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    Default New Nvidia DirectX Optimized Driver tomorrow

    so, ever since AMD announced their 'Mantle' API >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantle_%28API%29

    Nvidia "suddenly" started talking about new Drivers that will revolutionise Games blah blah, funny what a bit of competition does

    Anyhow tomorrow, Monday the 7th of April, will see the release of the first of these DirectX optimized Drivers, 337.50 Beta.

    The figures claimed for some games look impressive on paper so it will be interesting to see what happens

    New in GeForce 337.50 Beta drivers
    • Performance - Introduces key DirectX optimizations which result in reduced game-loading times and significant performance increases across a wide variety of games.Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration. Here are some examples of measured gains versus the previous 335.23 WHQL driver:

    GeForce GTX 700 Series (Single GPU):
      • Up to 64% in Total War: Rome II
      • Up to 25% in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      • Up to 23% in Sleeping Dogs
      • Up to 21% in Star Swarm
      • Up to 15% in Batman: Arkham Origins
      • Up to 10% in Metro: Last Light
      • Up to 8% in Hitman Absolution
      • Up to 7% in Sniper Elite V2
      • Up to 6% in Tomb Raider
      • Up to 6% in F1 2013

    GeForce GTX 700 Series (SLI):
      • Up to 71% in Total War: Rome II
      • Up to 53% in Sniper Elite V2
      • Up to 45% in Aliens vs. Predator
      • Up to 31% in Sleeping Dogs
      • Up to 20% in CoD: Black Ops 2
      • Up to 10% in Hitman Absolution
      • Up to 9% in F1 2013
      • Up to 7% in Far Cry 3
      • Up to 6% in Metro: Last Light
      • Up to 6% in Batman: Arkham Origins

    • SLI Technology
      • Total War: Rome II added profile
      • War Thunder added profile
      • Watch Dogs updated profile
      • Diablo III updated profile
    As Rift and a lot of games are still DirectX 9.0c let's hope we'll see something of a difference

    A link to the download which isn't available until, you guessed it, tomorrow


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slipmat View Post
    New in GeForce 337.50 Beta drivers
    nuh uh. Not for me. Besides this is likely on DX10/11 platforms to get better multithreading performance before DX12.


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    Mantle has nothing to do with this. AMD has all but ignored DirectX 9 support. If you notice, their "Frame Pacing" patches (which AMD for 14 months said wasn't an issue at all, before if was proven to be an issue, beyond any doubt) have only been for DirectX 11, then 10 ... and 6 months later, still nothing for DirectX 9 ... which Rift is based on.

    Also, what nVidia did with the latest drivers was to help fix DirectX ... at all levels ... not just "throw in the towel" and come up with something that only one game currently supports (BF4 ... and Thief was to be the second, but Mantle support for that was delayed) is pretty thin.

    But I digress. I have seen about a 20% improvement in Rift FPS with the 337.50 beta drivers using a 3770K and 2 GTX 780s. That's better than nothing ... especially for such a poorly optimized game like Rift and they Gamebyro engine it's using
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    I could also notice a nice improvement with 337.5 drivers on my GTX760 the GPU actually hits 90+% usage now

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