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Thread: Zone Events Happening in Another Shard

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    Default Zone Events Happening in Another Shard

    So recently I have been experiencing something odd... I keep getting zone event notifications even though there is actually no zone event happening in that area which lets me think the zone event is happening in another shard but for some reason I also seem to get it...

    Ermm... that sounds so confusing, let me just give an example:

    Princess Isabella shouts in my chat that Volan is heading to the city when there's actually no zone event at all in Ashora in my shard.

    I was just farming when this 'imaginary' event started and it keeps giving me notifications of its progress right till the end where Isabella thanked us for stopping Volan. It's quite annoying, people yelling in my screen like phantoms when nothing is actually happening...

    Does anyone know how to fix this? :/

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    This is a known issue introduced with the chat "fixes" in a recent patch, they're working on fixing it, a temporary fix is to close the client and start over, but that's just annoying.
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