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    Default Can't enter warfront - teleport failed

    I was zoning into a dimension the same time as I clicked on enter warfront. I ended up zoning into the dimension. I've now been sitting for a half hour hoping that it will reset. But it hasn't. It gives me the option to enter the warfront but when I choose that option it just tells me teleport failed. It also gives me the option to leave the warfront but if I click on "leave" it doesn't really do anything. It tells me that I left the que but I'm still.... what it seems.. in the que. Petition filed and awaiting a response.
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    I haven't seen reports of this specific issue before, but I believe we can help.

    The easiest fix would be to log out of RIFT and close the patcher. Leave the game closed for 30 seconds to a minute, then log in again. Next time you sign in you should be free to queue up properly.

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