I understand the point of coin lock, but now that I am having an issue with it I wish you people would make it optional.

I had to have a tech in to work on my internet, they had to cycle my connection which will change ip. This time I stopped receiving the emails. I waited for over an hour to speak to someone, who's only advice was to make a new email.

Well i did that and guess what? Still not bloody working, now over an hour wait again. Nothing is blocked, in spam folders etc. I am still receiving other emails from trion ie. the record of my convo with the last GM.

So here is my major issue, when i asked if others encountered this I got a resounding yes, all said it took near 24hrs to get it resolved... rather stupid I say for those of us who pay to play this game. So I lose a day of my sub, a day of my time staring at a computer screen hoping a gm may answer but lmao as said in chat they never answer til the minute you log off.. which helps me none since i do actually need to speak to someone to fix this