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Thread: Strange Chat Errors

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    Default Strange Chat Errors

    Hi! It seems I have somehow managed to put myself in a weird pickle when it comes to in-game chat.

    The Problem:
    A few days ago, I left 4 (typing /leave 4). When I went to rejoin, I typed in /join 4 and found myself in a strange 4.4 chat. According to friends, nothing I types shows up in general chat, nor can I see what anyone is typing.
    At first, the chat mod tried to help me, I have reloaded my UI, left all the chats, rejoined them, restarted the client, I even made a new account (which could see /4 and the level chats), and imported the settings from that onto my troubled account.
    Still nothing.
    I then contacted a GM, describing my problem. They've been great in trying to help me, asking me to disable addons, log off, reload my UI through the display settings, everything.
    I've even uninstalled and reinstalled my client at this point.
    But still, I type /join 4 and end up in this weird 4.4 chat. The same with my level chat, I try to join, and end up in 5.8 instead of 8.

    So, I am a bit desperate for someone's help to find a solution to this. It is frustrating, but I know Trion has been trying to help. Has anyone experienced this, or have any suggestions? ):

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    Instead of typing join 4 or join 8 have you tried /join Level 1-29 or /join Level 60 or /join Level 50-59? when you type /join 4 you are telling it to join a channel named 4 not the level chat.

    The game automatically numbers the channels so if you have no channels assisned to the spot that 4 is you'll get Joined 4. 4 hence the reason when you typed /join 8 you got Joined 5. 8

    Also after you do that right click you tab and go to settings and make sure they are checked to be able see the channel messages.
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