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Thread: In game recorder screwy

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    Default In game recorder screwy

    Okay so I've been recording fights for my guild for recording's sake and I've noticed an issue. When I record, the video is sped up by 1.5x or something close to that. The video is sped up, but the sound stays at the normal 1x speed, so when the video technically ends (when I hit Ctrl - Y), the video pauses on the frame I was on when I ended it, and it goes on at the 1x audio speed for the remainder of the time.
    I record a 2 minute video.
    The audio is not sped up the same.
    The video goes for 1 min and 30 seconds, then freezes on the last frame.
    The audio continues for another 30 seconds.

    Has this happened to people before and is there anything I can do?

    EDIT: Okay so I went and checked out the recorder section of the settings and there is something about bit rate. What is that?

    I'll try to post a video tomorrow, I'm just curious because this is annoying.
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    The video recorder is set at a locked 25 frames per second and this is the keyframe speed the audio will follow.

    If you are having 15 FPS in-game, the audio will still be recorded at 25 FPS, but video at 15 FPS, which means filling those 25 frames with video takes longer than 1 second at 15 FPS (25/15 ~= 1,666... seconds) which will look like you are running at about 1.6x speed on the video.

    I highly sugget you use external software to record gameplay, gives way better quality with less of a performance drop, FRAPS is extremely popular but also costs money; Open Broadcaster (OBS) does the same job, but also has built-in broadcasting capabilities and best of all it's free.

    TL;DR: you don't have good neough computer to keep up at 25FPS while recording while using in-game recorder, use an external one.
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