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Thread: Chat problems

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    Default Chat problems

    On a couple characters not all chats are loading. My main and another lower level alt. I have tried every slash command there is but all that does it create a private channel.

    On my main I am basically down to the crossevents chat and whatever zone I am in. I do get trade to load when I go to a city.

    But level 60 and 1-29 nor any of the others in between load (the mid level ones never did).

    I have relogged. I havent had them for a couple days actually so full exit and all that as well.
    I have even tried importing from one of the toons I knows has the channels but all that does is create a channel that is apparently private. Because while it says 1-29, there is no activity and when I type in it no one answers.

    I dont think there is a 'mute' command anywhere.

    If anyone has any ideas beyond the usual 'fixes' feel free to respond.

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    /join level 1-29
     /join level 30-49
     /join level 50-59
     /join level 60
    Any other format will create a private channel. What I would do is make sure you use /leave 3 (up till however many channels you created attempting to rejoin) and then log out. Log back into your character then join the aforementioned level channels you want to be apart of.

    That should work.

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