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Thread: Randomly crashing to character selection

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    Default Randomly crashing to character selection

    As the title says. I am experiencing random crashes to server selection screen. It happens in AI's, pvp and general questing. Happens about once an hour sometimes more or less frequent. I crash and have to hit ok like 10 times until I hit the server selection screen. I am able to immediately log back in and go back to whatever I was doing. Any help to stop the crashes would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    i get the same thing. unfortunately i have no solution though

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    This is also happening to me. It seems to be 1-2 days a week and it will happen 3-5 times a night depending how long I am on.

    It's extremely frustrating and I've ruled it out being hardware or connection related as I can play on my husbands machine and it still happens. My husband never gets dc'd it's just me so I've chopped it up to being account related on Trion's end. For the longest I thought it was the mobile app causing it but I am not so sure anymore as I make it a habit now to log off when I am not using it.

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