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Thread: fix for disappearing/flickering rocks

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    Default fix for disappearing/flickering rocks

    I already posted this on the German forums, but I think here I can reach more people and especially the devs.

    I suppose everyone has recognized it - the sudden disappearing and flickering of rocks, stones, plants and other objects. (I realized that it is very annoying in the Eastern Holdings and in Ashora.)

    And now I have found out - in all probability -, what the issue could be and how you can fix it - at least it works for me already a couple of days.
    (Who doesn't want to read the whole testing can scroll down to my conclusion.)

    Because I have a very good rig*, I put every setting up to maximum (except Anti-Aliasing to edge-smoothing and shadows to environment).
    -> flickering occurs after about 1 hour (sometimes it can also occur after 20 minutes)
    Then I put graphics on default "Ultra".
    -> after about 2 days none of the mentioned graphical glitches occured.
    Then I started to switch up the settings one by one.
    I started with terrain distance maxed to 6:
    -> no glitches after 2 days
    Anisotropic filtering set to 16:
    -> after less then 1 hour the flickering occured again.
    Therefore I set Anisotropic Filtering in Nvidia control Panel to 16 and to minimum ingame. All other graphical settings I kept as they have been before.
    -> no graphical glitches after 1 day
    At the end I switched up all graphical settings, but Anisotropic Filtering.
    -> now after about 1 week no graphical glithces anymore

    TL;DR / conclusion:
    Set Anisotropic Filtering to 16 in your graphcis driver (a less value will probably work too) and set it to minimum ingame and it will probably fix the annoying flickering of stones, rocks and other objects.

    There is no 100% guarantee, that it will work for all of you, but it works for me for about 1 week already.

    *My rig: Intel Core i7 2600K OC'ed @ 4,4GHz; Palit Geforce GTX 680 OC'ed; 32 GB RAM; ASUS P8P67 Deluxe; Crucial M4 2,5" SSD 64 GB (System); OCZ Agility2 SSD 240 GB (Games); Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
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    Thank you so much for posting this! I will try it when I get home from work. It's been driving me batty

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    Default Thanks for posting!

    This problem has been driving me nuts, mountains suddenly appear in my path when I am riding along, etc. I just tried your suggestions about 2 hours ago, will let you know if it comes back, but hopefully this does it! I have a similar PC build to yours, but with the GeForce GTX 670 FTW and I have tried everything else, including Rifts own FPS and Tweeking Tech threads etc. thanks again!!
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    That's a really great tip thanks for posting, I'll give it a go

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