So I just reactivated my account, made sure all of my information was up to date and already verified my email address. Everything that I can do has been done, yes even the question you are asking. Unfortunately my account is coin locked (which is odd because it let me delete a character that I had as a name placeholder from a LONG time ago when the game first came out). I cannot get an email to go through to my account to get the numbers needed to un-coin lock my account.

Normally I wouldn't care about something like this but my inventory is full and I can't even delete grey items, which means I'm JUST mob grinding exp. Sure no problem, I'm an EQ1 baby so this was the way, but when I go to support they tell me I need to go to Live Chat. Well... Live Chat isn't working.

Am I seriously going to have to wait another 24 hours to find out that phone support isn't working too? What does it take to get an email around here??? Hell I'll even change the email on the account to a gmail if it would let me but I need Live Chat/Phone Support to do that...