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Thread: Razer naga macro help

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    Default Razer naga macro help

    i don't know if this question is in the right spot but ill try my luck

    Hello all,

    I am currently using the razer naga, and i have a problem which i can't figure out.

    I am currently trying to make a macro on a naga thats meant to spam 3 instant cast abilities and then use a instant cast finisher. But the problem im finding is when i toggle it instead of spamming the 3 instant abilities and the finisher it goes into a random order eg casts the instant ability about 1-5 times then does the finisher, and then after 2 cycles it does it in the right order and back to the stupid cycle.

    Does anyone know this is happening? or is this simply not to be this way

    thanks for your input


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    I have a Razer naga as well. I'm assuming the instant abilities you're trying to use in succession are on global cooldown (GCD)? Then it's an issue with your ping times, the server lag, and/or how much time you have macro'd between ability casts.

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