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Thread: A Hero Rises bug in Part 4

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    Default A Hero Rises bug in Part 4

    Got into Part 4 of the chronicle, pew pew'ing all the air-ships and down them all. As I make my way to the final part, I'm unable to reach the final airship cluster and fall down into the water. Leaving the chronicle and zoning back in to the same part to try and continue caused this to happen.


    About to attempt going back in once more, will come back with results

    Edit: Same thing as in the video happened again, left the Chronicle and going to try again tomorrow, hopefully I can still get my 1 Empyreal Slayers Mark for all this
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    I ran into that same bug yesterday, tried exiting, then rentering a couple times to end up floating mid air from where the first platform would noramlly be.

    figured i'd give a bit of time ( couple hours ) to be honest ( events and guild functions ) and went back on a whim last night, and it had been reset for that part of the remainder of the instance. no issues after that.
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