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Thread: Serious Game Glitch (unable to play character)

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    Default Serious Game Glitch (unable to play character)

    At first I thought it was server lag which I've grown accustomed to, but soon it escalated into something far worse.

    I was participating in a zone event in Ashora when the boss spawned. So I drop a guild rally banner to help out the guild. After which I go in to get some hits on the boss myself. As soon as I'm in range I start trying to use my abilities. None of which worked. Everyone was moving around me the boss's HP dropping, so I quickly found out it wasn't lag. I was unable to get on my mount or use any skills. My guild mates saying I'm still standing by the banner I dropped earlier. So I did what anyone would have done and logged out. And logged back in. As soon as I log in there was nothing in sight. No mobs, no other player's, no Npcs, and the names of all that were in my raid had turned white. As if I was in an Instance.

    One of my guild mates dropped a rally banner to summon the raid to a raid rift for our daily raid rift quest. I tried using my rally scroll which did not work but did put it on cool down. I then try to soul recall back to Tempest Bay. Which did not work and yet again put the skill on cool down. So I exited the game completely and restarted my modem, router, and Rift client. As soon as I click on my character and press play the game crashes! Hoping it wouldn't be the same I reload and try again. It crashed again.

    After resetting my router and modem for a second time I reload the client. First I log onto another character to see if this was maybe something on my end. My other characters were fine just as good as ever. So I try to log back into my "bugged" character. I was able to log back in but still with the same issues. Unable to play my character, can't see mobs or Npcs, or other players. I am now dead and unable to respawn or soulwalk.

    I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else. And I hope this gets fixed as soon as possible.

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    It happens to me about 80% of the time when I take a rally scroll. Zone loads to 95%, then game locks up. Very frustrating.

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    When you log out/in, you can end up on another shard than the shard you were on when logging out.

    this is what probably happened to you, since you were in game, could click in screen to do things while your raid mates were white in the raid frame..

    that just means they are on another shard.. it happens..

    With the bugs on teleporting to shards.. hopefully they fix that.

    Next time, as long as your game does not crash and/or you get a screen freeze, just wait out the fight. You tagged the boss, the event counts for the final reward.
    It may not be what you want or what you could have gotten without the issues encountered (thinking Volan) but at least it minimizes the damage.

    Also, advice for banner dropping...

    Tag the boss, so you get credit for the event.

    walk back 10 steps, away from the fighting crowd.
    drop banner.. move a few steps away from banner to a safe spot.
    >> this way, you can't accidently click/remove the banner or get killed, which would remove the banner as well.
    away from the crow, so those coming to the banner don't drop in the middle of the fight with heavy loads, lag and on occasion not seeing anything while waiting for stuff to load..
    It is far less of a strain to end up on a more quiet spot 1o steps from fight and walk into the fight, then ending in the middle of a huge crowd doing lots of things at the same time.

    Good luck on your next crowded fight
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