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Thread: Odd disconnects

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    Default Odd disconnects

    Was doing Great Hunt Rifts in Ashora with my guild and suddenly all of my abilities stopped working. I could click the buttons or hit the keyboard for the ability but nothing would happen. I figured that it was a glitch so I logged out and back in. Once I did that am came back I could no longer see anyone in the zone, including all NPC's. However I could move around the zone, but abilities still did not work.

    I ran to the porticulum to see if I could get out of the zone and back in, but of course the port dude was missing. So I logged out and tried logging back in, but at that point I started crashing. After a few tries I switched to another character (I have found in the past that doing that sometimes resets things). Everyone seemed fine so I switched back to my original character. I was able to log in, but the same issues were happening as before. I could cast buffs and the like, but nothing actually happened. I even did a soul recall and it showed that it went off after the cast (even going on cooldown), but I was stuck in place.

    After trying various things like turning off all addons, closing any background programs, running recovery, resetting computer, and putting settings to absolute minimum nothing works. I keep crashing on load screen, or getting in and nothing working.

    The biggest kicker is that I can do absolutely everything on my other characters. I have zero problems with porting or spells or anything. I can see people, nps, mobs, etc. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. Suggestions?

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    Default It's all of us...

    No one has heard anything?

    Here are just some of the threads with many folks having the same issues now:

    94% Client Crash

    Unable to see NPCs

    Game crash and insanely low fps during zone event bosses.

    Get disconnected from server every 5 min. since last patch


    All of them saying they crash at 94% when logging in or zoning, especially to Tempest Bay, they have stuttering FPS, especially in Tempest Bay, they crash randomly on specific characters and especially in Tempest Bay, they can't see certain NPCs or characters as they appear invisible all except for their titles, and strange invisible textures.

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