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Thread: 1 UI element not staying in place, 1 character only

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    Default 1 UI element not staying in place, 1 character only

    I have recently been leveling a rogue and as of like yesterday the "Notification Messages" element has not been working correctly. For simplicity i had it in the very center of my screen so i never had to look anywhere to see how i was progressing with whatever i was doing. But now for some reason all those messages are appearing crammed in the top left of my screen. I never set that and the really interesting part is when ever i click "Edit Layout" that "Notification Messages" box briefly flashes in the top left corner then appears how i set it when i made the character. Furthermore if i have Edit Layout open during a quest in progress everytime there is progress, the "notification messages" box briefly moves itself into the top left then returns to where i set it.

    What happened? how do i make the Notification Messages box stay where i set it and how can i stop whatever is happening from happening again

    Also i have played my cleric and dont recall seeing this issue on it

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    Having the exact same problem myself, it seemed to have started after the last patch.

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