I guess you could call this a bug or whatever it is. I just recently re-did my UI and now everytime I go into edit layout and hit cancel or just escape key out of the menu it moves all my action bars and minimap up about an inch. And each time i do it they eventually make their way to the middle of the screen. Luckily I exported the UI layout to an alt so I can easily fix it but if I hadn't then each time I would had to of fixed it each time.

Another thing I noticed was during a rift event, there is no box in ui layout that lets you move the rift loot box. I think it only appears on your screen to move during a rift event. It afaik should be on the edit layout screen at all times. Pretty annoying get a UI set up only to get to the rift or in my case final boss of RD only to have the rift loot box cover up all your bars lol.