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Thread: Mumble help

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    Default Mumble help

    So I've recently bought a mumble server, and I'm stuck. I've tried googling for help, and it's not been any help. I could do with someone to help explain things which I am trying to accomplish.
    Firstly I would like to have an officers room, simply for officers. At the moment everyone can enter the room. I have tried creating an admin group, yet it still seems to allow everyone in. I'd also like to grant officers the rights to drag people from room to room, and to mute people if need be.
    The other thing I am very confused about is that when I log on as the superuser I can't speak, I am supressed amd seem to be unable to unsupress myself. If anyone can help with any of this I will be eternally greatful.

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    Did you try getting support help from the website you purchased server from?

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    Yes you're right that you can't talk when logged in as super user, but you should fast be able to give yourself permissions to admin it all with your own user.

    I wish I could write you a guide how we set up our Mumble, but even if I know what we were doing, I suck at explaining in words.

    Try tool with the ACL, that's where you give permissions to the different groups (can give different rules for sub-channels) and remember you can also give users permissions, not only groups.

    Feel free to PM me if you want me to try help you out more

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