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Thread: external ip change ?

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    Default external ip change ?

    hi all,
    when ever i try to log-in with my mobile broadband usb, it keeps telling me my external ip address has changed and log back in,
    is there anything i can do ?

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    Default external ip change

    Having same trouble any sugestions ???
    using hotels wifi

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    If you are logging form a diff hot spot each time then that is expected and not much you can do except attempt to set it static manually and, you may need to repeat it each time you connect. Here: http://www.tzo.com/MainPageSupport/H...cIPAddress.htm

    Or get a static Proxy, which may charge a fee and will require you change settings to use it. http://uclue.com/?xq=1824 Has some info on such things and links to services.
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    Static IP pfffbt.. not the issue here.

    I have been on mobile broadband and playing Rift for over a year. It is not the same issue as playing from a hotel.

    I find the error message "your external IP address has changed" to be misleading at best.

    In my tests (on days when this error happens frequently), I check my external IP address at the time I connect my mobile USB to the internet, and make note of it.

    A useful url for this: http://whatismyipaddress.com/

    Then, when I get this error message, I check again.. and woah, guess what.. my external IP has NOT changed. (note, my physical location and hot spot/cell site have NOT changed)

    So, I dig more.. and check my windows logs. Most times, there is an error there, saying that my broadband company has "denied my requested ip". Meaning thier DHCP server has decided to refresh my "lease". Now the IP that the mobile broadband company gives me, is one they use for "internal routing" on their own network, not an "external" one that the world sees. In my case, in the 10.254.xxx.xxx network, while my actual external IP to the public is 197.133.xxx.xxx.

    What has changed, is the internal network IP, not the external one.

    Why would Rift even be detecting this? It begs the question, how has this detection been coded?
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