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Thread: Help, my graphics are all weird!

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    Default Help, my graphics are all weird!

    My characters look like this


    I've updated my graphics card drivers, I've deleted and re-installed Rift, I've tried all the different video settings in the game, I don't know what else to do. I played Rift a year or so ago and it worked fine, but today when I decided to go back to it everything is like this.

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    having the same problem and made sure it wasn't any corrupted installations or drivers or whatnot and it looks like we're not going to get help from anyone so I guess Rift will just not be an option for some people

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    That is tearing. It can be outdated drivers, too high a settings, or more often the first symptom of a failing GPU. Knowing what GPU you have and what settings you are running might help us get it under control, as would patience in waiting for us to read your thread
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    Default Similar Problems Experienced

    It seems as if I have more problems with the game since the streaming client hit my hard drive.
    1) My toon disappearing from screen.
    2) My mouse clicking on spells and nothing happening after multiple attempts.
    3) Targeting an enemy only to have it switch to phantom target even when original target not dead.
    4) Not targeting at all. Targeting npc's in sanctum when I haven't done any target selecting.
    5) Frame rate and latency bouncing back and forth between 178/11 to 1800/4.

    This things used to not happen before the streaming client so I don't know if I got a faulty update or what. I do not play the game until the update is complete and I restart windows. I keep the various cache's cleaned out and defragged. I even got new mouse and keyboard but they don't help.

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    Default Same Problem

    I just installed the game on my girlfriend's laptop and I'm having the same issue with it on that rig as well.


    I just had this game installed for her about a month ago. It worked just fine then, but now this is the problem that keeps her from being able to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arir View Post
    I even got new mouse and keyboard but they don't help.
    This is offtopic, but how do new mouse and keyboard suppose to improve graphics/latency/fps?

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