G'day. I have experienced a lot of bugs since I started playing Rift. I started Rift a year ago and these bugs still exist:

- Portrait bug: Your target's portrait is blocked by an unknown person (possibly a portal keeper) and sometimes character's portrait got pale pink skin and green lips. Sometimes they got twisted faces. Annoying as hell.

- Settings not configuring properly: For example, I can't turn off Party Chat bubbles. It doesn't matter if I check or uncheck the "Enable Party Chat Bubbles" box, they just keep appearing. This one annoys me a lot too. Maybe reinstall would help me?

- UI Layout bug: Sometimes (usually after entering an instance) my buff bar goes out of place. Happens a lot with the Rift loot bar aswell. Bags like to swap places aswell..

- Armor dye bug: Sometimes the dyes of my armour get all mixed up. Sometimes they re-color themselves into black and white or black and green.

- Invisibility bug: Sometimes when leaving an instance your character stays invisible (the model is not loading at all)

These bugs are really irritating and I hope you guys look forward fixing 'em.