Experiencing some strange lag issues this evening.

+ Game hangs for 10-15 seconds whenever getting a res, teleporting, respawning or zoning in/out.
+ Boss mechanics seem to lag. Example: Ragnoth the despoiler in IT. The bubbles dont offer protection against his big AOE dot. On several attempts we had the protective bubble actually spawn on the group and still we got hit by the AOE killing us all. As our healers weren't all that well geared (we tried running 2 healers to get through it), they couldnt heal through it. We also noticed the NPC that spawns in the buble took several seconds to appear.
+ Example 2: Earlier in IT, where you need to activate the light orbs to open up a barrier into Bonelord boss, the orbs takes 5-10 seconds before they actually light up.
+ Calling pets take several seconds for the pet to actually appear.

Just so its absolutely clear, latency is perfectly ok, and net connection is just fine on everything else. As a matter of fact, most other game mechanics seem to work just fine without any lag issues.

Server hamsters exausted or gone playing D3?