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Thread: Anyone else getting slower download speeds?

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    Default Anyone else getting slower download speeds?

    I've noticed over the past month or so that my download speeds for patches has dropped drastically. I used to download Rift patches at no slower than 1MB/s, but now I'm lucky to break 300KB/s. >_> I thought it might be my net, so I tried downloading something off of steam and came up with a steady speed of 1.7MB/s, so it ruled that out. I'm not talking a single occasion here either- it has particularly been this way for me since the patcher switched to streaming (I have 2 clients on 1 machine, so I have to twice for each patch that comes out. And yes, for anyone who thinks of this- I do patch them separately, never at the same time :-P).

    Is anyone else getting this, or have any suggestions as to something I might do to correct the situation?
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    Yes, they've mentioned that -- the pre-streaming client tended to use more streams at once, this one doesn't. Check dev tracker for posts from jlu about it, I think.
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