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Thread: Slow rendering

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    Default Slow rendering

    Since ppl had the bug with 4gb memory (far render distance) that was fixed with adding 4gb more, can this bug be fixed wit the same method:

    I teleport to sanctum and stand still - i see noone, and suddenly, every 3-5 seconds i see stuff getting rendered - other players etc etc. For example im standing in sanctum in the training dummies and i see people getting rendered. Thats really annoying, any fix for that ?

    I have:
    gtx 560 overclocked
    intel pentium dual core e6500 2.9ghz
    4gb ram
    cheti | Parabellum | Bloodiron | P40 Rogue
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    Thats normal for an MMO. If you port to a area where so many players are staying, then the engine need some time to calculate the players. And it needs time to get the information from the server...

    But this should only happen in an area where (as i said) many players are. If this happens while playing solo or in small groups, then there should be another problem ;)

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