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Sounds like a processing bottleneck due to the way Rift processes graphics. Even your FPS issues could be directly CPU related since this game is so client-side process heavy.
Have you tried messing with the "Rift.cfg" file and setting the "MainThreadCPU" to 0 (zero) ?
It would look something like:

MainThreadCPU = 4 (change the # to zero)

This gets mixed results from PC to PC due to Mobo and CPU types utilizing different bus speeds & prioritizing types. the # indicates which processor core that gets used for Rift, and zero means it allows your PC to prioritize accordingly and offload the work across multiple cores as it sees fit. Worked wonders for me, but others saw an FPS loss...
Yessir, I've tried this.

Have actually tried a lot of strange things...

If it does come down to being on my end and something went bad, then it was extremely lucky/perfect timing.

Rift was running 100% perfect when the "servers are coming down please get somewhere safe" or whatever message popped up for the hotfix, then when I logged in when I noticed servers were back up, the issues started.

Could just be an amazing coincidence, but idk, at this point I figure I'll just keep an eye on a couple patches, and if it gets fixed great, if not, then I'll have to drop the game. In no way is this a threat, I just don't have the money to rebuild a computer right now, and since I can play other games fine, I'll just stick with those.