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Thread: Membership and Renewal

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    Default Membership and Renewal

    I was wondering if someone knows the answer to this question... I signed up for a 3 month membership last month while it was offering a free month when you sign up for a multi month membership. Is the free month given after every three months I keep the membership or is it only for the first 3 months, ie. I pay for 3 months and get a free month... pay for another 3 months and get a free month... etc. I tried looking around the forum for and answer and didn't see one.

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    You may have to ask the GM team:

    If you don't trust the link or its asking you to login.
    Just go to Rift Website, click sign in at the top left.
    When your on your account click support on the bottom left.
    Lastly hit: Ask a question.

    The GM team is very helpful so i'm sure you'll get the answer your looking for. Good luck!

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