Hey there,

ever since I started playing Rift latency issues have been bothering me, and that being said, this made Rift totally unplayable for me. During week days - especially in the morning - ping indeed is normal - at most 70 ms. However, during huge invasions, raid rifts, world-PvP, in Warfronts and sometimes even in random dungeon - that is in the evening/weekends - my ping reaches incredible amount (today durin Stillmoor invasion I broke my personal record with reaching 900,000 ms!). I mean, I haven't had similar problems in other "MMO" games I played. In games such as World of Warcraft / Guild Wars / BF3 or Call of Duty the ping never ever went above 100. I have tried couple of solutions posted on these forums, but none worked (turning off TCP ports Rift normally uses and enforcing port 80, or some programmes/addons that ought to decrease latency). I have even called my ISP and asked them to increase transfer priority on TCP ports Rift uses. Nothing helped. Being left completely helpless I decided to write here and ask for help and so... has anybody else here experienced such problem and perhaps got any other idea how to fix this? I have cable internet, do not use any routers and as I aforementioned my ISP also tried to help me. And no, I am not going to change my ISP because as I aforementioned, in any other game - everthings' fine. Oh, and in case that mattered - I play on Bloodiron EU (which is probably one of the most crowded EU servers).

Thanks in advance,