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Thread: Slowness in Crowded Areas - need Tips

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    Default Slowness in Crowded Areas - need Tips

    I know that in any game it will slow down in crowded areas, that is inevitable. In Aion if I hit Shift+F12 it would hide character models and make it run a lot faster. In RIFT it's a problem in places like Sanctum or big zone events, world PvP when lots of people are there, etc.

    Is there any such mechanic in RIFT like the Shift+F12 shortcut that I can do to make it run smoother when a lot of people are around? Most of the time the game runs well for me, it's just when so many people are in the area. I'd like to avoid having to change my graphics options every time I hit a crowded situation and then switching it back - that would be a bit of a hassle. :\
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    The only things I can think of are the option to "hide other people's spell effects", which some people have reported as being broken in recent builds, and the FPS tweak to the Rift.cfg file that lowers the number of simultaneous spell effects the game will render. I don't remember what the tweak is, but I think it's in the thread about poor FPS suggestions.

    These won't really help in Sanctum, but they should work in zone events.

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